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I just ran into this problem while using a 1wire temperature sensor. I noticed some odd spikes on my oscilloscope when using that pin. I moved to another pin and all was good. It looks like RedBoards are pre-programmed with the Blink sketch, which uses pin I think he means a very high футбол зенит букмекерская контора power supply.

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Время доставки может варьироваться, особенно в пиковые периоды. April 21, at am. Dear Mr Barlow, Thank you very much for your reply. In my case, the wiring had been mounted very sloppily, causing at least one short circuit.

It was quite encouraging seeing the old fashioned, in the right way mechanic getting rather angry, and deciding to order a complete new wiring harness. Ian said:. April 30, at pm. Everything is OK with the exception that both the right and left indicators are showing 7. Would this every be normal given the make of car? May 1, at pm. Hi Ian Some vehicles put a small voltage on the pins and use this as part of the bulb failure detection system.

13 Pin Socket – Basic Fault Finding

This is what you might be reading. This can cause issues if the caravan is fitted with LED road lights.

Martin Rogers said:. June 13, at pm. Simon — Just to put a букмекеры в чехии in the works, my Citroen DS5 fitted with OEM towbar wiring kit gives the following at the 13 pin socket; 17mV on pin 9 and 10 with the engine off — normal mode. Plug the van Swift Sprite Alpine 4 in and hey presto everything works fine, Sargent power control system shows vehicle connected, start engine battery charges Pin 12 on the car socket has no contacts but all others 9 feeds and 3 earths are there.

I made this discovery after making up a 4 core 2. I would very much appreciate your opinion? Hi Martin Your vehicle has trailer detection, most probably activated when the vehicle senses road lights connected to the trailer socket. June 15, at pm. Simon — Many thanks for your response and confirming my suspicions, plus what a great blog. My gut feeling tells me its the brake light circuit that acts as the trigger as the brake pedal has to be pressed to start the engine.

Having said that, I believe pin 9 switches on up after the trailer plug is inserted even without starting the engine. I will check this in more detail. I have checked the pins 1 to 8 voltages and all read 8mV apart from pin 3 — earth 0. All very small voltages. You mention a 10wattt lamp, would a Hi Martin A resistor would do the trick, I would go for a higher resistance though.

A cold filament lamp has a lower resistance than a hot one. Lee Perch said:. July 15, at pm.

However, none of the lights work on the back of the caravan Brake, Side, Indicators etc i have of course checked with someone else car, and the caravan lights are working. Following the guide, i get 0. July 23, at am. Hi Lee A lot of vehicles now use a can bus system for the lights and you need to put a load across the terminal. The usual way is to put a 10 watt or 25 watt bulb between the pin and earth.

The canbus system uses this load to detect bulb failure and as a trailer detect on some vehicles. With the bulb in place, you then take a voltage measurement as normal. Graeme Geldenhuys said:.

September 24, at pm. Thank you so much for all the detailed information. This was exactly what I needed to confirm a faulty towbar electronics. Gareth said:. October 26, at pm. Hi Gareth Quite simply, no. Its never a good idea to link 5 and 7 together. Combining them together could cause issues with loading on the vehicles light circuits and the increased voltage drop on nominally sized vehicle wiring could cause issues with the caravan road lights being dimmer than designed especially when indicators are being used tail lights flickering in time with the indicators It also can cause problems when you get a fault.

If 5 and 7 are joined and the circuit supplying them had a fault, you will lose all tail lights, if they are supplied separately, and you lose one circuit, at least only one side of your trailer lights will go off. October 27, at am. Peter Gardner said:. May 12, at am. Maypole mpb. Hi Peter Any good quality 13 pin plug will be fine. Thank you for such a quick reply are you saying any plug will take 2 cables ie grey and black regards Peter.

Hi Peter Yes, if you look into the cable gland on the plug, its like a figure of eight so both cables can enter rather than just one hole.

The plug is exactly that same, its just the gland that is different. May 12, at pm. Pat Farnaby said:. July 10, at pm. I am having problems with a new cycle rack on a new tow bar repeatedly blowing the fuse for the brake lights. When checking the socket pin voltages I get 1v on pins 1 and 4, but when the sidelights are turned on this rises to about I have been told this voltage is due to the bulb failure detection system, but is that voltage higher than it should be?

July 12, at am. Hi The voltage used for bulb detection failure varies between vehicle manufacturers, some use a different system altogether.

If these rise to My first thought would be a faulty earth connection as the sidelights might be trying to find an earth path back through the indicators. When you operate the brakes, the brake light fuse blows, this makes me think that the bike rack earth and brake light pins 3 and 6 respectively could be the wrong way round.

July 14, at am. Thank you for that, I will start by checking the earthing of the side lights, as you suggest that the voltage at the indicator pins should not rise when the sidelights are turned on. Mark said:. September 18, at am.

This is by far the best post I have read so far in helping me fit my tow bar electrics. Oh I love a challenge! Do you have any ideas? You talked about making sure your earthing your multi meter on the vehicle which makes sense. Also while I was wiring up the pins I could see 3 other small flat pins on the inside of 13pin housing just to the side of the 13pin holes like it takes a plug of some kind. September 19, at pm. Hi Mark The additional cable is probably the one used to let the vehicle know there is a trailer attached.

Some 13 pin sockets have a microswitch the pins you might be seeing that detect when a plug is inserted to let the vehicle electronics know a trailer is present. With regard to using the vehicle earth as a testing point. Using a known earth point as a reference ensures you are actually testing each circuit. By using pin 3 you are assuming that it is actually earthed. Bit of a bummer if you get through trying to sets some of the circuits прогрузы букмекерских контор seem to be faulty only to find out the earth is not connected!

September 22, at pm. That pointed me in the right direction. I finally figured out that the microswitch was for parking sensors if you have them and used took pins 9 and 10 for some reason.

Possibly kit specific. Just in case anyone else is trying to figure out something similar. Anthony said:. December 9, at am. Hi there, On my Ford Transit pins 1 and 4 are constantly getting 3volts when the indicators are turned off, is that because of bulb failure detection? The trailer has LED bulbs so the turn indicators are always on because of these 3 volts.

Can this be a relay fault? December 19, at pm. Hi Anthony A simple resistor pack will do the job. All you have to do is fool the bulb failure sense circuit into thinking that there is a filament bulb fitted in the trailer. Букмекер калькулятор said:. July 17, at pm. July 19, at am. Hi Andrew If all the other road lights are working OK, then the road light earth should be OK, in which case you need to check Pin 1 and Pin 4 on the vehicle to make sure you are getting voltage when the indicators are on.

October 25, at am. Adam Price said:. February 1, at pm. I have a 7pin trailer with road lights only. It is supplied from a crossed over 13 pin socket on a C-Class Mercedes. None of the trailer lights work.

Pin Up казино — официальный игровой сайт

Fuses are ok, Bulbs are ok. Pin 9 and 10 deliver battery voltage. If this does not work then probably there is something wrong with the widgets in the car? February 2, at am. Hi Adam Pin 5 and 7 are the left and right hand tail and marker light circuits and the voltage you are measuring is the trailer detect voltage. You are correctif you connect a bulb between pin 5 or7 and pin 3 road light earth the vehicle will recognise that a trailer is attached. The voltage tests for all road lights must be referenced to pin 3, road light earth.

You need to connect the bulb between 5 and 3. Al Stead said:. February 11, at pm. Alan welbourne said:. March 2, at am. Thanks for this great info. I have just had оператор в букмекерскую контору сочи towbar electrics updated to 13 pin from 7 pin on my xtrail. I connect to caravan and nothing happens till i turn ignition,then ATC lights green and everything works ok.

When i turn off ignition. ATC still green and fridge is still supplied. Also car built in sat nav and radio still on and car central locking wont work.

When i unplug the caravan car radio and sat nav go off and central locking works. Doing your test I find when ignition is off all pin holes are dead. With engine on 9 and 10 are live. Any help appreciated Alan. Hi Alan I did reply to your email this morning.

I am confident the caravan is back feeding the vehicle and this would be down to the fridge circuit and leisure battery charging circuit being either reversed or connected together when the caravan is plugged in. Alan Welbourne said:. March 3, at pm. Hi Simon,I have had a friend round and I plugged my van into his car and everything worked as it should.

So all probs must be caused by the new electrics. Tommorow I can go почему винлайн долго выводит деньги to the towbar fitters and tell them that the faults are in the new wiring. Thanks very much for you help and I will let you know the out come.

Alan said:. I will do. I will be there at 8. He said my car must be faulty. I explained the car was ok when not coupled to the van. It was nice today to try another car to prove the caravan side was right. Thanks Simon. March 5, at pm. Hi Simon,I took my car back to the towbar fitters today. He had it for an hour then rang me to say it was done and was ok on all his test eqiipment.

He said the fault was caused by the relay not kicking in. Not sure but I took it home and plugged it into my caravan and everything works ok. At least it is sorted now,I wonder if he checked it with his tester when he finished the first time. Much thanks for your help,Alan. Bill said:. March 16, at am.

Great article Simon, really informative. When I plugged it in to the caravan everything worked just as it should. The car is Toyota with a Toyota supplied wiring kit. Any ideas how to get around this without taking my caravan along to the MoT test every year?

March 16, at pm.

There are three or four VOSA approved units offered by manufacturers and leonbets мошенники older Sealy is one that is known to indicate failures. I believe that on a couple of MOT tester forums there is a lot of discussion about this issue and they have a list of what test units are OK.

I believe that test units produced in have sorted the problems. I was told by an MOT inspector that if you remove the tow ball they cannot test the socket as the vehicle is not capable of towing. Stephen Coley said:. June 6, at am. Hello Simon, really good explanation — helped me recently when I swapped old black and grey plugs to new 13 pin lead and plug to suit change of car. Everything worked fine…or so I thought. Arrived back from a week away and the caravan battery was reading only around Charged it up off the caravan on a smart charger to full charge actually reading over 13v and reinstalled on the van.

Then checked all connections with multimeter.