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Whether drilling pin up or pin down, most of the time drilling the finger holes will only have a slight impact on the ball motion. The thumb hole typically is bigger and deeper, since most people use a thumb slug. If you own your own bowling ball you should really use a thumb slug.

They give you a consistent feel since they are made of a single solid material. This is different than the ball as the coverstock and core materials can vary greatly in feel.

Consistency is a key to repetition and that is what bowling well is all about. In general, Pin Up versus Pin Down will exhibit a board or two of ball reaction difference. In our example, the difference is less than 1 board. The first image below shows the path of a ball drilled pin down.

What is the difference between Pin up and Pin down Drilling on a Bowling Ball?

The second image shows the path of the same ball drilled pin up. The bottom line is that it can matter.

Pick your favorite layout. Most people drill pin up to start for their first ball. Instead of focusing on layout, use the rest of the information below to change your ball motion. If you average more thanyou should have Pin up and Pin down balls in your arsenal. Not wiping your ball off every shot can have 2 or more boards LOSS in reaction in three shots. That is why wiping your ball off with an anytime approved cleaner like That Purple Stuff every shot is important.

The platoon was pinned down by heavy machine-gun fire.

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